talbot_towerLegal representation is provided to you by a lawyer practicing in Ontario since 1993 and his experienced team of clerks. Rob’s clerks, Kala and Candace, are happy to answer any questions you have regarding the W.S.I.B.’s policies and procedures as well as ongoing questions about the status of your case. Together the team assesses new cases by way of a free initial consultation, maps out a Case Action plan, gathers all relevant medical evidence and, when necessary, coordinates referrals to Medical Specialists of their choosing to ensure supportive medical evidence is available for appeals.

Common issues McGill Law Firm can assist you with, include:

  • Securing entitlement to ongoing Loss of Earnings (LOE) benefits, and Future Economic Loss (FEL) benefits for claims arising prior to 1998, when injuries preclude a return to work
  • Entitlement to ongoing Health Care Benefits, such as massage, physiotherapy, and chiropractic treatment and the provision of assistive devices such as canes, crutches, wheelchairs, etc.
  • Initial entitlement and reassessment of Non Economic Loss (NEL) benefits for injuries resulting in Permanent Impairments
  • Permanent Disability Pensions for pre-1990 injuries
  • Work Transition (WT) services providing for re-education and retraining when a worker cannot return to his or her pre-accident employment
  • Securing the provision of in-home care and assistance and home modifications for severely injured workers
  • When to elect to receive W.S.I.B. coverage as opposed to making a claim through motor vehicle insurance (when a “concurrent” entitlement permits a choice regarding the avenue for compensation)
  • Opinions on the ability to sue an accident employer and/or other parties involved
  • Assisting civil litigation lawyers on s. 31 “Right to Sue Applications”

Other services include:

  • Canada Pension Plan (C.P.P.) Disability appeals representation